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How to create a case study video that drives revenue

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You've worked on a tough project and the client is absolutely delighted with the outcome. Get them in front of a camera now! There is nothing more powerful than a well produced customer testimonial to help sell your products or services. People buy from people and a potential customer will be 1000x more likely to buy from you if they see a current customer raving about you! (We may need to fact check the 1000x claim)

In this post I'll go over basics of case study videos and how to can start to leverage them in your marketing efforts.


A case study video or customer testimonial video is like a mini documentary about a project you completed successfully. It should highlight the challenges your customer was facing, how you solved them and the effect it's had on your customers business. The goal of the video is to show potential customers that you have the knowledge and experience to help them with challenges they may be facing. Check out our page on Video Production for an in depth dive into what is involved -


Watching a video of a customer singing your praises about how you solved a big challenge they were facing builds trust in your company and its abilities. I always explain it as the 'review effect'. If you're scrolling through a site looking for an airfryer to buy, are you going to buy the one with no reviews and no photos or video? It's unlikely right? I bet you'll buy the one with great reviews and detailed photos and a slick video. Why is any different when selling large projects or expensive services? I'll answer this, It's not. You may argue it's more important.


In a world full of content, it's important to be concise and grab attention quickly! 2 minutes is likely going to be the limit for these videos. This should be enough time for a very high level overview of the project and its benefits. Don't worry about the details. If the person watching the video is sold, they will contact you for more details.


Prices start from £3000 and will fluctuate depending on the scope of the video. As a video testimonial company, we will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure that you get most from your investment.


The best place to start is to ask your customer if they are happy to be on camera and for you to use their project in the video. Once you've got the all clear we can get to work on the planning!

This will look something like this;

  • An initial meeting to discuss your completed project and how a testimonial video could help sell your products or services.

  • Creation of a basic script that highlights the problem and solution (if we can include facts and figures in here it suddenly becomes another 500x more powerful)

  • logistics planning. The who, what and where of the video.

  • A shot list. What angles will be the most impactful? what B-roll can we capture to showcase your work? Would getting a drones eye view add to the video?

We will now have a fairly comprehensive plan of what the end video will look like and how its going to be brought to life. This mitigates as many risks on the day of filming as possible (things can still go wrong but part of our role as case study video experts is knowing how to work around any challenges on the day).

On the day of the shoot (this may be longer than a day) things should run smoothly and we can take loads of amazing video footage into the editing suite.

Editing a case study video will usually look like a brief intro that goes into the customer testimonial. We add b-roll footage over the top to show the viewers what the interviewee is talking about. Adding subtitles is also a great touch as this makes the video inclusive and everyone can watch along, even with the sound off.

If this sounds like something your business would benefit from, please contact us on the link below for a no obligation chat.

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