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Amplifying Industrial Companies With BOLD, IMPACTFUL Content

What our customers say

Alexander Cope

“I have worked with Louis on two different projects. He is a great communicator and very passionate about his work.
 The final cuts are exceptionally done and reconfirmed to me that he is the go-to-person for any video based content for my company."
Warehouse Team in Meeting


Get to Know Us

With over 15 years experience in the media space and 5 years in logistics, we are positioned perfectly to work hand in hand with your business


We partner with your existing teams to help shine a light on what YOU do, how YOU do it and who YOU do it for

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Video

Recruitment Marketing

We have a background of recruitment in the logistics industry and know first-hand that its tough market. Do you have an EVP? Let us produce a bank of video content focussing on why your company should be top of every candidates list of future employers.

Case Study Video

Video production of completed projects

You've designed, manufactured and installed a new project. Investing in a professional case study video that highlights the benefits your clients received by using your company could be the difference between a new project bid being accepted or it going to your competitors.

Promotional Video

Video that sells your company

Billions of videos are watched everyday and it is fast becoming the go to for B2B marketers. It's an effective way for a potential client to get a fast snapshot into what you do.

Training Video

Create it once, use it again and again....

Training of new and existing employees can be a drag. No-one wants to read through a 50 page document about how to log into the warehouse management system. Training videos are a fantastic investment for businesses who want to streamline their L&D function

Social Media

It doesn't all have to be polished and professional

Social media marketing is booming. The great thing is that companies big and small can make an impact with a fairly small investment. The rise of UGC (user generated content) sees a more raw and personal approach and can often be created a multitude of times during a single day. This is especially popular for companies looking to find a way to connect with the Gen Z generation. Think Vox Pops and trending audios.


Specialists in every field

A Team of Experts

We have a highly skilled creative team with a diverse array of specialisms. From drone pilots who can navigate tight areas and create fly through videos to award winning voice over artists who can make your video sound and feel like its a TV advert.

Industry Experience

We know your business

Having spent considerable time in the industry in roles that gave us significant insight, we have knowledge to assist us in producing videos that really wow your intended audience and hammer your point home.

Creative Insight

We know what works

Storytelling, knowing which shots to use to portray the right emotion, music, sound design, latest social trends, all important factors for creating content designed for your target audience.

Who we work with






If you've got a project in mind or an idea you'd like to discuss, please get in contact on the details below and we look forward to working with you!


Market Harborough




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