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Why You Should Be Investing In Case Study Videos.

Updated: Feb 26

You company might design, manufacture, sell, supply products or services that are incredibly complex and awesome. But how do you show potential customers the work you do? We know industrial marketing is a dark art and the companies doing these amazing things are usually kept in the shadows by the big brand names that contract them in. This is where case study videos come in! Creating a professional case study video is a powerful selling tool and we are going to tell you why!

A video Production crew filming a case study video for an industrial customer
Video Production Crew

The Power Of Storytelling in B2B Marketing

Getting your work recognised and valued is no easy task. How often have you sat down in a meeting to go over a 50+ page presentation with a company trying to sell you their products. It's not engaging, it's time consuming and ultimately you don't remember half the info. Case Study storytelling in B2B marketing is an unmatched way of letting your customers know how your industrial solution will help them.

Why Do Case Study Videos Work?

Case study benefits are easy to see and in just a couple of minutes, your customers can get an understanding of the real world applications of your product. It can create emotional engagement seeing and hearing another business going through the same struggles and hearing how you solved their challenges. Seeing and hearing another person talking about your products builds real authenticity that other than speaking directly to the person, is impossible to create.

Key Elements Of An Effective Case Study Video.

When creating any B2B marketing video, always be considering the end user and what the video hopes to achieve. For an effective case study video, you have to (in a nutshell) demonstrate a problem and solution. By very kindly asking a happy customer to provide a testimonial, you can get a great base to build you case study video from. We would then add video clips of the solution as the customer describes them so the viewer can not only hear about the problem and solution, but can also see it. Storytelling that engages your viewer is a must. Don't just ask them to describe to problem and solution. Ask them how that affected their business and what would perhaps happen if they didn't come to you for help. How has it affected the business since being implemented?

How To Create Impactful Case Study Videos

Creating case study videos can be really simple but, to create one that has impact, you'll need to put some effort in. Here's a very quick video planning guide;

  • Work out who your target audience is

  • Produce a script or series of questions that will tie into the 'problem and solution'.

  • Don't just film the person talking. Shoot some b-roll to add some movement and engage the audience.

  • Try to direct the person on camera. Get them fired up and emotive if you can. Their passion can turn a boring subject into an engaging video.

  • When it's time to edit, think about the target audience and how your case study needs to look to engage them.

  • Video post production is where the magic happens. Make it interesting, add some music, graphics and animations. It doesn't have to be a boring video.

  • Adding captions is a great addition to case study videos. Viewers can then watch at their desk without having to put on a headset.

SEO Strategies For Your Case Study Videos

You need the right people to see your case study videos so we have to make sure that they are set up for search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO for videos is fundamentally the same as any other type. It's about ensuring video optimisation and the use of keywords. Youtube can even pick up on keywords that are said in the videos now! You should do some keyword research before deciding on a title for your video and what to put in the description. Google will then know who the intended audience is. Here's a link to a free keyword tool from Semrush -

Youtube is a great resource to upload your video to -

Here you can add lots of detail about your video, including targeted keywords so your video pops up on a google search.

Measuring The Success Of Your Case Study Video

all well and good creating a great looking case study video but how do you know if its performing? Data! Measuring video success can be tracked using data captured on most video platforms. Take Youtube for example, you can see how long people watched for, when they dropped off and if there are any spikes in activity. Video engagement rates are a great indication as to how its performing. people stick around if they are enjoying what they are watching. The best indication is video conversation rates. The amount of people that watch your video then click through to your site. Hopefully these will then turn into customers.

Case Study videos are a powerful tool to not only drive traffic to your site, but also as a tool in your industrial sales teams arsenal. They give your customers an instant insight into what you do and how you do it.

Is it time for your company to start leveraging case study videos into your marketing strategy? Take a look at who we provide case studies to -

Call or message us today for a chat about how to utilise video production in your business.


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