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Thinking about hiring a photographer for your holiday let or Airbnb? Read this before you decide.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

A dirty old building with a rusty for rent sign on the outside
Old building

You've spent a lot of time and more than likely, a lot of money buying and preparing your short term rental property. From blankets to paint, you've put the effort in to make it as homely and inviting as possible. What if I was to tell you that no one will even view your listing?

"What!? Why?!" I hear you shout!

Research shows that listings with professional photos get more viewings and bookings. Airbnb have published statistics on their website showing that listings with professional photos saw an increase of bookings by that again...24%! That's huge! Not only that, Airbnb also noted that listings with the best photos charge up to 26% more in comparison to other local listings.

Why put your heart and soul into preparing your accommodation to then pull out your iPhone and take some photos at dodgy angles? I can guarantee that the cost of hiring a professional will be a lot less than the extra income you receive when you are always fully booked.

Have a look on any short term let sites and see which listings stand out to you? Is it the listing with clear, bright and well composed pictures or is it the listing with pictures taken on a mobile phone because "the phone cameras are just as good nowadays anyway, aren't they?"...


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