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Video of a corporate event celebrating 20 years in business

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The brief was simple, "come to our office in Nottingham and capture photos and video of the event we have put on to celebrate SMT being in business for 20 years".

When we arrived at the event it was a quick tour and brief about the day's activities and talk about any specific shots they wanted or footage captured. We got very lucky with the weather as it was mainly sunny for most of the event which meant that the drone shots looked great! Flying the drone around to capture video is always a great way to give a birds-eye view of an event or project and gives the viewer an understanding of what's happening. The children also enjoyed chasing it around the grounds!

The event lasted for about 6 hours and in that time we saw numerous bands, food, drink and games being played. We ended the evening filming a beer pong tournament as the sun went down.

The photos from the event were delivered within a couple of days and the video was cut up, colour graded and had basic logo animation added then delivered to the client within a week.

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