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Professional Headshots vs Phone Snapshots

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

a family sat around a dinner table all posing for a selfie with a girl at the head of the table who is taking the picture on a smart phone

Was your professional social / networking picture taken on a phone? I bet it looks alright? Phone pictures are good enough now right? Well, not according to LinkedIn.....

According to LinkedIn, a profile with a professional profile picture receives 9 times more connection requests and 21 times more profile views! Which all adds to more business and recruitment opportunities.

But let’s be honest, phones have really good cameras now and can do an okay job at making you look good in selfies but what they can't do is;

  • Find / provide a suitable background

  • Access a professional camera

  • Set up / provide studio lighting

  • Pose you

  • Focus correctly

  • Create depth

  • Use the correct focal length

  • Edit the images correctly

  • Access professional editing software

  • Resize the images to fit websites and social media perfectly

There's likely more that I've forgotten but you get the idea. You can take the picture yourself or even get a friend to help but you'll never get it to a professional headshot quality.

Think about it, would you be more likely to listen to someone who contacts you if they have a professional picture or if they have a selfie or snapshot of them on the beach? Now I'm not saying that headshots can't be personal and fun, quite the opposite! Make your headshot personal and portray the real you! Just don't do it with a phone!

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