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Life as an Airbnb Photographer

As an Airbnb photographer, every day is different. One day I might be shooting a sleek apartment in the heart of a bustling city, and the next day I could be photographing a charming countryside cottage. Today, I'm in Orton, a beautiful village in Northamptonshire, UK, photographing a two bedroom cottage located in the grounds of a manor house.

Front of a quaint cottage in rural Northamptonshire. Shot by an Airbnb Photographer
Front of Manor Cottage from the drive

I arrived in the late afternoon to take advantage of the natural light. I always like to arrive at a property a little early so that I can walk around and get a feel for the space. This allows me to plan my shots and make sure that I capture the best angles and lighting. As I walked around the cottage, I was struck by how picturesque the surroundings were. The manor house and its grounds provided a beautiful backdrop for the cottage, and I knew I was in for a great day of shooting.

Once I had a good sense of the property, I got to work. I started by taking some wide shots of the exterior to give potential guests an idea of the cottage's location and setting. Next, I moved inside to photograph the living room. The space was cozy and inviting, with comfortable-looking sofas and large bi-fold doors. I made sure to capture the cosiness in my shots, as I knew it would be a big selling point for anyone looking to stay in a cottage during the colder months.

A living room of a countryside cottage in Northamptonshire. Shot by an airbnb photographer
Manor cottage living room

From there, I moved on to the bedrooms. The cottage had two bedrooms, each with its own unique style and character (including a secret en-suite bathroom!). I took my time to capture the details of each room, including the bedding, curtains, and artwork on the walls.

bedroom of a countryside cottage including a secret en-suite bathroom hidden in the wardrobes. Shot by an airbnb photographer
2nd bedroom including secret bathroom

Once I had finished with the interior shots, I went back outside to take some more photos of the courtyard and driveway. The manor house and its gardens provided a beautiful backdrop, and I knew that these photos would help guests envision what it would be like to stay at the cottage.

table and chairs in the courtyard of a countryside cottage in Northamptonshire. shot by an airbnb photographer
Outdoor dining area

Overall, it was a fantastic day of shooting. The cottage was charming and full of character, and I felt that I had captured its essence in my photos. As an Airbnb photographer, it's my job to showcase properties in the best possible light, and I feel confident that my photos will help potential guests see the beauty of this countryside cottage in Orton, Northamptonshire.

A Northamptonshire cottage bedroom with light streaming through the patio doors. Shot by an airbnb photographer
Cottage bedroom

Here's a link to Caroline and Johns amazing cottage

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